i’m as free as a bird in a cage. i can do anything i want-well of course its got to be approved by the “BIG GUY” first. i lived all my life abiding by the rules and whats become of me now? i don’t know. i fucking don’t. i’m not gonna lie and say my life’s a hole but i’m not sure i can say i’m happy either. all along its been a drag….trying to just get by and hoping and only hoping that things will turn out ok at the end. trying not to piss people off on the way. i dont suck up to people – not because i don’t want to but ‘coz i don’t know how to and i guess i better start learning if i want to get anywhere. i know what you are thinking at this point and i don’t blame you. but hey let me tell you something – you want to get anywhere, you better get started. ‘the end does not justify the means’ yea right.. “that was like so like a century ago like” well anyways i can’t blame my fate for this or better yet anyone else…so i guess i’m just gona have to go with the “flow” aite then people take it easy. pse.