reminiscing the good old days is sort of what keeps me going. my past marks my future. if only time didn’t change – but again whats to call life then? life is mysterious. even more is time. who came up with the whole concept of time? had we not known about time, would the world be different? ‘time waits for no one’ – i say because it’s holding us back. the world’s so obsessed with keeping things within the ‘time limit’ , ppl are losing track of their direction.

‘live life queen size’- its amazing how easily words flow. if donald trump was my dad and jolie my mom, that goal would have been more achievable. trying to live each day to the fullest is harder than it sounds and you guys know it. at least thats what i think. two decades on this planets sounds like an awful lot of time and it ought to have taught me how to do it but..oh well i guess i’m just a slow learner. i started with baby steps and i havent moved from there.. hope you guys have had better luck “livin la vida loca”