no guys..i’m not talking about the condom brand (if you are not from Nepal then never mind). Number 1 is Big Bang’s new single and i LOVE it. true that there are a little too many women in the mv and the glass striper pole is kind of disturbing considering that seung ri is only 18 (yes..i know right!!!) but nonetheless the song is catchy and youngbae looks uber sexy. BB’s transition from boyhood to manhood is apparent too..let me quote GD “let me tell you something that you already know… i’m a hardworking man” it is kinda funny but favorite part of the song is seungri’s “i will give you more… i’m your number one” The lyrics are not to die for but because its so easy to sing, i had to immediately put it on my playlist and i CANNOT STOP humming the tune.

PS: GD and TOP has got to lose those glasses. now it’s starting to look tacky.