winter chills’ in the air (already!!!) and what can be better than a hot, korean, spicy bowl of soft tofu soup to fight a gloomy winter day? NOTHING.. mi amiga took me to this small, not so fancy restaurant in fort lee one time and god bless them, they had THE BEST tofu soups for commoners like us to taste. the place was dark and packed and only had about eight items on the menu (strictly soft tofu soups and ribs)….you decide how spicy you want your soup (not spicy, mild, VERY spicy). the service is great and most important the price – $8 to $12 only (how awesome is that?). so now you know and here’s the address to heaven-

So Kong Dong Restaurant, 130 Main St, Fort Lee NJ 07024

credits to Andrew d. for pic 2 and 3, and eatoutnj for pic 1. thanks guys