alright so i’ve been obsessed with the korean pop culture for quite sometime now. its not just the dramas and the music, but also FOOD. i was born to eat spicy food (literally that is…as a kid i used to force my parents to buy me “mum ko aloo”) and i proudly announce that my only forte. enough about me and now back to food. korean food can be pretty spicy, at least the few dishes that i’ve tasted were, and i absolutely LOVE IT. since i don’t live in korea, i don’t have the luxury of tasting all the local good eats and thus, don’t know much about it. however, i did find an online blog that dishes about all the best local eatouts and the latest food trends. so if you are interested, this blog has almost everything you need to know about k-food – traditional and new-takes on them.

here’s the link –

photo credits to feetmanseoul