gossip girl is my monday night guilty pleasure. serena’s ever so complex love triangle, blair’s (the fat cat) holier-than-thou attitude, chuck’s “i’m so rich, i’ll crush you with my feet” glare, dan – the know-all guy, jenny’s rebellious and amateur fashion designer dreams, sweetheart nate’s never ending family drama and girl problem, and vanessa’s sometimes unnecessary and surprise appearance’s on the show have had me so caught up in the ny upper east side fantasy that all i think about every day is raking in mountain loads of cash. It’s crazy how a show can mess with your head. being a mere human, i can’t ignore/avoid the temptations of wealth or being wealthy. like everyone, these characters are entangled in their daily dilemmas, but at least the coast is clear for them at the end of every episode unlike us commoners. until next time, you folks keep busy ‘cos a day late is a dollar short.

xoxo gossip girl and remember – you’re a nobody until you are talked about.

ps: new kid aaron is a hot blood