_45253008_smoke_afp2201Deccan Mujahideen, a relatively unknown terrorist group has taken responsibility for the horrific shooting spree in mumbai but i see no dignity or pride in that. shamelessly claiming the lives of innocents and showing absolutely no remorse, these people are evil and heartless. 195 precious lives have been taken since this nightmare started and over 300 people have been badly injured. the mumbai police have said the situation is under control for now but the horror and the scar left on the heart of the city will not be erased anytime soon if ever. this crisis has shook the entire world. many foreign nationals, precisely 22, have been among those killed and i have no words to describe the pain and grief their families are going through.

a 2 yr old infant is now an orphan, a 13 yr boy is now left to face the world alone, and another 13 yr old girl’s dream of attending her dream school will now remain as one. the terrorists don’t care whether you are young, old, a daughter/son, a husband/wife, a brother/sister or even human. they will kill you for simply representing the good. they have no religion, no sense of humanity, and no soul.

mumbai will move on and so will the world but this urban blood war will remain in our hearts and those who passed away will be in our memories. we – the good guys- will stand together and not be defeated. if this unthinkable crime of hatred is meant to stop us from living in peace and blaming our own fellow brothers and sisters, then the terrorists are wrong. we’ll fight and we’ll overcome terrorism one step at a time.