Is the world really coming to an end? 

It is a matter of concern no doubt but so soon? The rumors and sepculations, unknown whether true or not, have concluded that the big “END” is 3 years away. So now what do we do? I simply laughed it off when I first heard about it and accused Hollywood of playing with people’s minds but down there somewhere i feared the worst. We have seen some outrageous things happen to our world and humanity in the recent past. Whether it be acts of terrorism, mother nauture gone wild or humans becoming greedier each passing second, our world has changed and the change has not been entirely favaroable.

If the world is indeed three years from its end, what should we be doing now? Try to protect this ridiculous event from happening or live happily for three years with no fear or spend all your savings or try and save some money incase all this bullshit turned out to be a spam or what in the freaking world could we do that is not totally insane?

Maybe we could ask Speilberg to come up with a plan, ask the federal government to fund it, and ask Tom Cruise to be our ultimate hero and save us all from burning to ashes. How crazy is that?

ok so enough of the goofs and back to logic. If indeed the world were to come to an end, how would it end? Surely the world is not simply going to disapper so then will it explode and there’ll no longer be a planet called earth? How is it going to end? Will the oceans rise and swipe us all out? will the world burn out? The humans are going to suffer no matter how it ends because we are all sinners except for the select few who think they are mightier than the rest. could it be so? Nope. Disasters don’t discirminate. They hate humans anyway. Afterall we are the ones who provoke them inthe first place.

whatever happens, life is dope lets live it. what the future will bring, we don’t know. so why dwell?