it’s grey, gloomy, and winter and i’m once again inspired to write.

theres a withered money-plant sitting on my desk and i’ve yet to trash the fancy packaging of my new laptop. 3 yrs of NYLON is stacked on my bedside table and i’ve a long mirror next to it that i barely look into. but these little things that aren’t of much importance provide me with immense pleasure because they add character to my life and i start to think ┬álife is beautiful.

life is beautiful only when you realize it. you lose a few people in your life and welcome some more. living with memories, living with hope, and living with anticipation, all so beautiful. they become the wheels of your life. you can’t know what awaits and so taking pleasure in what you have is as best as you can do.

i like to take a sip of my tetley ginger, water my drying plant every now and then when i remember to, and look out my window and wonder when spring will arrive. future – what maybe.