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as expected of a r rahman, the music of delhi 6 is just genius and besides that, since its from the makers of rang de basanti, we can definitely look forward for originality and a beautiful/meaningful script. hopefully the lead actors will not fall short of all the hype and bring down the movie. based simply on the teasers, the box office future for the film looks promising. movie is coming out on 20th feb. and *spoiler alert* hrithik supposedly has a role in it too. interesting…

must listen:

1. delhi 6 (title track)….”yeh delhi hai mere yaar”

2. masakali (the opening theme will make you miss home so bad)

heres delhi 6 for your ears



hotshot john abraham was my only reason to go watch the movie but dostana, a lighthearted romcom, surprised me  in many good ways.  the jokes weren’t tacky and they handled the whole controversial ‘gay’ issue pretty well. loved loved loved priyanka’s apartment, kudos to the stylist, and amazing miami scenes. and topping all this is the good music. dostana was worth all the 6.50 i paid if not more. a great movie to watch with friends and laugh until it hurts.

my fav. song: jaane kyun

alright so i’ve been obsessed with the korean pop culture for quite sometime now. its not just the dramas and the music, but also FOOD. i was born to eat spicy food (literally that is…as a kid i used to force my parents to buy me “mum ko aloo”) and i proudly announce that my only forte. enough about me and now back to food. korean food can be pretty spicy, at least the few dishes that i’ve tasted were, and i absolutely LOVE IT. since i don’t live in korea, i don’t have the luxury of tasting all the local good eats and thus, don’t know much about it. however, i did find an online blog that dishes about all the best local eatouts and the latest food trends. so if you are interested, this blog has almost everything you need to know about k-food – traditional and new-takes on them.

here’s the link –

photo credits to feetmanseoul

winter chills’ in the air (already!!!) and what can be better than a hot, korean, spicy bowl of soft tofu soup to fight a gloomy winter day? NOTHING.. mi amiga took me to this small, not so fancy restaurant in fort lee one time and god bless them, they had THE BEST tofu soups for commoners like us to taste. the place was dark and packed and only had about eight items on the menu (strictly soft tofu soups and ribs)….you decide how spicy you want your soup (not spicy, mild, VERY spicy). the service is great and most important the price – $8 to $12 only (how awesome is that?). so now you know and here’s the address to heaven-

So Kong Dong Restaurant, 130 Main St, Fort Lee NJ 07024

credits to Andrew d. for pic 2 and 3, and eatoutnj for pic 1. thanks guys

no guys..i’m not talking about the condom brand (if you are not from Nepal then never mind). Number 1 is Big Bang’s new single and i LOVE it. true that there are a little too many women in the mv and the glass striper pole is kind of disturbing considering that seung ri is only 18 (yes..i know right!!!) but nonetheless the song is catchy and youngbae looks uber sexy. BB’s transition from boyhood to manhood is apparent too..let me quote GD “let me tell you something that you already know… i’m a hardworking man” it is kinda funny but favorite part of the song is seungri’s “i will give you more… i’m your number one” The lyrics are not to die for but because its so easy to sing, i had to immediately put it on my playlist and i CANNOT STOP humming the tune.

PS: GD and TOP has got to lose those glasses. now it’s starting to look tacky.

ok so Imran Khan has been my latest obsession (if you don’t watch bollywood movies, you probably won’t understand what i’m talking about). i don’t know what it is about him but he has this boyish yet manly charm that’s so attractive.

his debut Jaane tu..ya Jaane na was a pretty good movie. lots of movies have been made based on the same storyline but what makes this movie watchable is it’s purity and innocence and of course Imran khan and AR Rahman’s music.

i watched Imran’s second film “kidnap” this past weekend and the only reason i stayed through the movie was because he looked mighty fine in it. other than that ….. well the movie didn’t live up to the hype. it made me a little disappointed because i don’t want people referring to Imran as a one-hit wonder. “kidnap” seems like a relatively exciting thriller on paper gone wrong while in translation.

anyway…i’m looking forward to Imran’s next big venture.