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it’s grey, gloomy, and winter and i’m once again inspired to write.

theres a withered money-plant sitting on my desk and i’ve yet to trash the fancy packaging of my new laptop. 3 yrs of NYLON is stacked on my bedside table and i’ve a long mirror next to it that i barely look into. but these little things that aren’t of much importance provide me with immense pleasure because they add character to my life and i start to think  life is beautiful.

life is beautiful only when you realize it. you lose a few people in your life and welcome some more. living with memories, living with hope, and living with anticipation, all so beautiful. they become the wheels of your life. you can’t know what awaits and so taking pleasure in what you have is as best as you can do.

i like to take a sip of my tetley ginger, water my drying plant every now and then when i remember to, and look out my window and wonder when spring will arrive. future – what maybe.




i don’t celebrate Christmas but i decided to put up this post because my nephew’s friend gave me a christmas gift and it really moved me. so HAPPY HOLIDAYS  everybody. be safe, don’t kill.

ps: credit is not debit so don’t spend like alls good. holidays are not about gifts, its about spending quality time with your family and catching up on things. so hold on to your green notes.

my tuesday night 9 – 10pm time slot is committed to cw’s new show “Priviledged” but it’s not the show that i’m here to talk about but rather ashley newbrough who plays sage baker in it. her dimples, bubbly-mean persona, and even her face reminded me of someone i knew but it didn’t come right away. 5 episodes into the show, i finally knew who i was thinking of when i saw ashley. none other than our very own bollywood a-lister preity zinta… they look so alike as in the way they are. sort of hyper and the expression they have when they are excited. so so similar.

let us be happy to have 3 decent meals a day, sneakers on our feet, schools to go to and family to love and be loved by. let us not ask for more because the only people in need of more are the ones below.

“Observe around you and be thankful for all that you have in this transitory lifetime…”

PS not my pictures.

Are you ashamed that you, even for a second, thought you were unfortunate?

PS not my pictures.

i didn’t know who frente! was until a week ago. sometime in august this year when i was returning from work, i stopped by this yard sale and thats when i saw this rather odd but artistic album cover (orange fish all over)…for some reason the cover really intrigued me and so i bought it (25 cents haha). after that it just sat on my dresser for two long months until finally a week ago i decided to give it a listen because my finance hw was killing me. open..put the cd in… and thats when it all began… track one –  interesting. very much the kind i liked. track 2 and 3 and on and on and on it went and i lost track because i was beginning to get my assignment. i knew the music was playing in the backdrop but i wasn’t listening and right then the thin female voice said “everytime i think of you…i get a shot right through…into a bolt of blue…it’s no problem of mine” omg the music literally stopped my pen and i turned to hit the rewind button..track 14-bizarre love triangle (the bonus track) i played it 6 times and fell in love. it was one of the best songs i had ever heard in my life after coldplay’s scientist…