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with “O eight” coming to an end, i’m looking forward to what the new year has in store for me. i don’t knoe what lies ahead but what i do know is summer ’09 is going to be sick. two movie blockbusters namely Harry Potter and the half blood pricne and Transformers: revenge of the fallen are due in June and July and I can’t wait. Daniel Radcliffe, Shia Labeouf, Josh Duhamel, Megan Fox – you name it we got it and it can’t get any hotter. so which movie do you think will pull in more dough?

heres a look at the new HP installment:


twilight-movie-poster1harrypotter4poster0510051with more popular books coming to life, its hard not to love all but theres got to be one you’d absolutely die for, right? ok so, twilight came out a week ago and obviously became a blockbuster. harry potter has been around for years and has captured the hearts of billions. both movies have two gorgeous british heartthrobs – daniel radcliffe and robert pattinson, making it hard for the fans to pick one. so now the question is who do you like better or which onscreen phenomenon is out of the world? will twilight match up to harry potter or is harry potter just over the league?


gossip girl is my monday night guilty pleasure. serena’s ever so complex love triangle, blair’s (the fat cat) holier-than-thou attitude, chuck’s “i’m so rich, i’ll crush you with my feet” glare, dan – the know-all guy, jenny’s rebellious and amateur fashion designer dreams, sweetheart nate’s never ending family drama and girl problem, and vanessa’s sometimes unnecessary and surprise appearance’s on the show have had me so caught up in the ny upper east side fantasy that all i think about every day is raking in mountain loads of cash. It’s crazy how a show can mess with your head. being a mere human, i can’t ignore/avoid the temptations of wealth or being wealthy. like everyone, these characters are entangled in their daily dilemmas, but at least the coast is clear for them at the end of every episode unlike us commoners. until next time, you folks keep busy ‘cos a day late is a dollar short.

xoxo gossip girl and remember – you’re a nobody until you are talked about.

ps: new kid aaron is a hot blood

my love for spicy peppers is on-going and it hasn’t reached its peak nor will it ever. i say that because to me chili peppers are more than just peppers – they basically make my food edible and i live to eat them. some of the best and “hottest” ones i have tasted are those from Sikkim and Dehradun. with a little bit of oil and garlic, the taste of these peppers are no different from the feelings of euphoria (to me).

and guys, please don’t give me tabasco when i ask for hot sauce…its no less than mocking the true being of pepper. so spice up folks – fry them, bake’em, grill’em…prepare them anyway you want but eat them nonetheless.

and yea (almost went unmentioned) it also helps boost metabolism so lets start burning those unwanted LBs

a remake of the spanish horror movie “REC”, quarantine, although said to be not up to par with the original, is a good film in terms of execution and flow. it is not the best and the scariest one i’ve seen of its kind but it does keep you hooked and the best part is its ending. it tests human nature – human stupidity, hesitance, impulsiveness, selfishness, and cruelty. what would you do if you were trapped in an apartment building with a bunch of zombies and where disease is spreading at light’s speed? i personally don’t have an answer for that but if you do please be happy to share.

the fact that i watched this movie in an empty theater with only 3 of my family members made it more interesting. so i say, if you want to make the most out of the thrills in the movie then watch it alone. you don’t want others’ screams to ruin your excitement.

1. open water (2003) – i’ll never scuba dive and go beyond 5 feet (…never have). caution – will depress you.

2. the descent (2005) – reason why i love sunlight and hate adventures. will i betray my friends?

3. pan’s labyrinth (2006: spanish) – not your typical fantasy movie.

4. infernal affairs (2002 : hong kong) – liked “the departed” with our very own DiCaprio? well, it was a remake of this highly succesful hong kong movie. reason why i love crime-thriller.

5. mystic river (2003) – “We bury our sins, we wash them clean.”

6. the chaser (2008: korean) – a treat for your inner detective and will arouse impatience.

7. the notebook (2004) – my ideal love story

i didn’t know who frente! was until a week ago. sometime in august this year when i was returning from work, i stopped by this yard sale and thats when i saw this rather odd but artistic album cover (orange fish all over)…for some reason the cover really intrigued me and so i bought it (25 cents haha). after that it just sat on my dresser for two long months until finally a week ago i decided to give it a listen because my finance hw was killing me. open..put the cd in… and thats when it all began… track one –  interesting. very much the kind i liked. track 2 and 3 and on and on and on it went and i lost track because i was beginning to get my assignment. i knew the music was playing in the backdrop but i wasn’t listening and right then the thin female voice said “everytime i think of you…i get a shot right through…into a bolt of blue…it’s no problem of mine” omg the music literally stopped my pen and i turned to hit the rewind button..track 14-bizarre love triangle (the bonus track) i played it 6 times and fell in love. it was one of the best songs i had ever heard in my life after coldplay’s scientist…