i don’t celebrate Christmas but i decided to put up this post because my nephew’s friend gave me a christmas gift and it really moved me. so HAPPY HOLIDAYS  everybody. be safe, don’t kill.

ps: credit is not debit so don’t spend like alls good. holidays are not about gifts, its about spending quality time with your family and catching up on things. so hold on to your green notes.


close your eyes, shut your mind

close your eyes, shut your mind

I feel blue

I want to be you

I want to stand up and run into the lighter hue

Of my soul

I feel blue

If that’s true

I want to wake up and make some space

For my love

I feel blue

I am a dew

A tap and I’ll run smoothly across, finally

I go thin

I feel blue

But I don’t want to, so take me away

Away to anew

– Passang Changrak

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with “O eight” coming to an end, i’m looking forward to what the new year has in store for me. i don’t knoe what lies ahead but what i do know is summer ’09 is going to be sick. two movie blockbusters namely Harry Potter and the half blood pricne and Transformers: revenge of the fallen are due in June and July and I can’t wait. Daniel Radcliffe, Shia Labeouf, Josh Duhamel, Megan Fox – you name it we got it and it can’t get any hotter. so which movie do you think will pull in more dough?

heres a look at the new HP installment:

twilight-movie-poster1harrypotter4poster0510051with more popular books coming to life, its hard not to love all but theres got to be one you’d absolutely die for, right? ok so, twilight came out a week ago and obviously became a blockbuster. harry potter has been around for years and has captured the hearts of billions. both movies have two gorgeous british heartthrobs – daniel radcliffe and robert pattinson, making it hard for the fans to pick one. so now the question is who do you like better or which onscreen phenomenon is out of the world? will twilight match up to harry potter or is harry potter just over the league?

_45253008_smoke_afp2201Deccan Mujahideen, a relatively unknown terrorist group has taken responsibility for the horrific shooting spree in mumbai but i see no dignity or pride in that. shamelessly claiming the lives of innocents and showing absolutely no remorse, these people are evil and heartless. 195 precious lives have been taken since this nightmare started and over 300 people have been badly injured. the mumbai police have said the situation is under control for now but the horror and the scar left on the heart of the city will not be erased anytime soon if ever. this crisis has shook the entire world. many foreign nationals, precisely 22, have been among those killed and i have no words to describe the pain and grief their families are going through.

a 2 yr old infant is now an orphan, a 13 yr boy is now left to face the world alone, and another 13 yr old girl’s dream of attending her dream school will now remain as one. the terrorists don’t care whether you are young, old, a daughter/son, a husband/wife, a brother/sister or even human. they will kill you for simply representing the good. they have no religion, no sense of humanity, and no soul.

mumbai will move on and so will the world but this urban blood war will remain in our hearts and those who passed away will be in our memories. we – the good guys- will stand together and not be defeated. if this unthinkable crime of hatred is meant to stop us from living in peace and blaming our own fellow brothers and sisters, then the terrorists are wrong. we’ll fight and we’ll overcome terrorism one step at a time.


80 killed and 200+ were injured in an organized terror shooting/bomb blasts in mumbai, india on nov. 26. my deep condolences and prayers to all the families of those deceased and injured. i don’t understand why people kill innocents to prove a point. no one has the right to end someone else’s life especially if that someone has done nothing to harm you. killing is just wrong. come on guys, let us live happily and leave happily when the time comes. what has become of us humans?

ps: i wanted to put of pictures but they were way too graphic and just plain disturbing.


gossip girl is my monday night guilty pleasure. serena’s ever so complex love triangle, blair’s (the fat cat) holier-than-thou attitude, chuck’s “i’m so rich, i’ll crush you with my feet” glare, dan – the know-all guy, jenny’s rebellious and amateur fashion designer dreams, sweetheart nate’s never ending family drama and girl problem, and vanessa’s sometimes unnecessary and surprise appearance’s on the show have had me so caught up in the ny upper east side fantasy that all i think about every day is raking in mountain loads of cash. It’s crazy how a show can mess with your head. being a mere human, i can’t ignore/avoid the temptations of wealth or being wealthy. like everyone, these characters are entangled in their daily dilemmas, but at least the coast is clear for them at the end of every episode unlike us commoners. until next time, you folks keep busy ‘cos a day late is a dollar short.

xoxo gossip girl and remember – you’re a nobody until you are talked about.

ps: new kid aaron is a hot blood


hotshot john abraham was my only reason to go watch the movie but dostana, a lighthearted romcom, surprised me  in many good ways.  the jokes weren’t tacky and they handled the whole controversial ‘gay’ issue pretty well. loved loved loved priyanka’s apartment, kudos to the stylist, and amazing miami scenes. and topping all this is the good music. dostana was worth all the 6.50 i paid if not more. a great movie to watch with friends and laugh until it hurts.

my fav. song: jaane kyun

a guy in my speech class talked about how when you force something, that something loses its appeal and doesn’t seem interesting anymore. i thought that was right on target. no matter how you enjoy doing something, when people force it on you, it becomes just another drag in your life.

its for your sake, your goodness, this and that but do people stop to think that maybe we have a plan of our own? i enjoy the things i enjoy because i can start and stop whenever i feel like it. i want to glide not get pushed. i may not have a single penny in my savings but my heart would be light.

don’t push too hard or i might end up pushed over the edge. i want to breathe with ease and that’s not going to happen until the pushing stops. let me live the way i want to.

the feeling of knowing something bad is going to happen and yet not being able to do anything about it is lingering over my head. i’m empty and my thoughts are just thoughts. building up the feelings of hopelessness and failure in me, i’ve almost come to the conclusion that maybe my life is not worth all the support and expectations. being at the top of the radar since forever has not made my life easier. i’ve denied thoughts of simply being unhappy because i can’t and shouldn’t be unhappy. what have i lost? what don’t i have to be unhappy? i have no reasons not to be happy and yet i am. how can i end this without making the end chaotic. everyone’s got their fair share of problems but why does it seem to me that mine are simply impossible solve. i wish it was 2009 already because then i can look back and simply replay the memory but not have to feel the same pain. dear god, i really need your help this time.