55036383_2a9b90f52ei’m constantly trying to find myself. i change my mind faster than i can think about it. it’s weary.  many times  i just want to kick and tell myself to stick to a plan and not waver so much. but agian whats the fun in limiting yourself to a finite set of rules.

i want to live big and in this case bigger the better. i don’t want to have to cheap out or restrain myself or not do things because they are out of reach. i want to be rich. YES rich is what i want to be. 

i want to do things. i want to teach, photograph, blog, shop, eat, mother a child and most of all love people close to my heart and i want to do all these my way, the big way. i hate to admit that i am more of a dreamer than a doer but i can just tell that someday i’ll be the latter. i will make myself one because if i don’t, i wouldn’t have served my dues. my dreams are big and i hope the world has space for it.

i love you, you, you, and you. and please love me too. good day.