Technically I’m a Buddhist but to me religion is an open mind. if you do your part of helping those in need, don’t harm or think ill of others then you are religious. i’m sure all GOD (whether it be Jesus, Buddha, Allah or any other) wants us to do is create peace. you don’t have to belong to a particular religion to do good. having said that, i don’t necessarily mean you have to opt out of following one either. if being part of a certain religion encourages you to become a better and a more compassionate human then by all means go ahead.

i say religion is an open mind because i feel religion basically means considering everything and everyone around you. when you are considerate, you are working towards creating peace and isn’t that what religion is all about? why compare one religion to the other, why declare one better than the other, and why oh why blame religion for all the evil in the world?

let us be happy.