It wasn’t a case of challenging Mother Nature or any other for that matter. I was simply trying to get home, fighting the blasting winter snowstorm. As I walked, disturbing the peaceful white blanket of snow that had covered the sidewalks, I felt my toes go numb. Was I happy that my feet weren’t directly exposed to the cold? Yes. But the pair of chuck t’s and socks I had on weren’t exactly keeping the cold out either. They were just there as a sign that I indeed belonged to a civilized society because from the few cars running on the street, people were eyeing me as if to say “what the hell is wrong with you going out on a weather like this?” Had I a choice, I would have stayed in too but the fact was I didn’t and thus, this painfully bitter venture. In retrospect, it wasn’t all that painfully bitter. I did get some thinking done while my eyes enjoyed the fluffy snow resting on anything “surface” which otherwise would have been snirt the next day, an eyesore.

The wind was getting stronger and I was slowly but surely getting closer to my destination. Of course it wasn’t coincidence but ironically it felt as if the wind was protecting me from getting to the place I so often felt I had to get out of for various coming-of-age reasons. I was drowning deeper into my thoughts when I saw a lady wave at me. I looked up at her but couldn’t read her lips, so I unwillingly unplugged my headphones. She asked me where I was heading and that sparked an instance of joy in me as I thought she was actually concerned for a stranger and that kindness had not fully disappeared from our world. But unfortunately, that instance remained an instance as her follow up question asked me what bus I had taken leading me to assume that it was not out of concern that she had asked me where I was heading but out of necessity. She obviously had to get somewhere but was not sure if the buses were running on schedule because of the awful weather. “712 from Elmwood Park” I answered and got back to my thoughts.